Anita Brooks

Anita Brooks


Her30-year career was with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the largestFederal

governmentbiomedical research agency in the world.

Ms.Brooks began her career at the NIH where she was a founding member of the

HumanGenome Program (HGP). During her tenure she also spearheaded the

constructionof the NIH Vaccine Research Center and the establishment of the National

Centerfor Accelerating Translation Sciences. She was also deployed for Hurricane

Katrinarelief efforts and was awarded the NIH Director’s Award.

Ms.Brooks earned her undergraduate degree from Trinity College. She is an alumnus

ofthe Harvard Senior Executive Fellow Program, a graduate of the NIH Senior

LeadershipProgram. In September 2011 she was awarded the Excellence in


Anita is a transplant from Maryland and believes the secret to lifelong success is lifelong

learning and giving back by volunteering.