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Linda McCann

Linda McCann

Linda moved to the area in 2015 when her husband passed away. At that time she was calling for cab service to get to appointments. She said she was spending a lot of money just for rides until the day a cab company supervisor told Linda about N2N and she applied that very same day.

Linda is legally blind and until N2N, she had a very hard time getting around.

She said that N2N has “made a definite improvement in my life, especially now that I have John (Allen Jr) as my companion.”  She also stated that N2N is wonderful and she loves Sharon and Jason. She said “you (N2N) really did great in hiring such wonderful people. I just love them both.”

Linda receives companionship and rides to vital appointments. Her volunteer is John Allen Jr and he goes above and beyond in enhancing her life. Not only does he visit with her but has helped her with her Medicaid application and made sure she got to the bank when necessary. He goes the extra mile such as making a special trip on Thanksgiving Day to bring her a plate of food so she didn’t feel lonely. John is also very kind about allowing Linda’s companion dog Coal accompanying them on rides.

Linda stated that “John is such a great guy. He is so smart and a lot of fun to be with. He has really made a difference.”   

Linda looks forward to the next year as she now feels confident in being able to get to appointments and not feel lonely.