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Venus Raymond

Venus Raymond

Read about Venus Raymond and hear her story with N2N, and how she continues to make a positive impact in her community.

In a few sentences, what is your back story?

My hometown is Baltimore, MD where I lived and worked. I worked 25 years in banking before changing careers to work for a bank client as the Admin Manager in a Family Office. In 2019, I retired and moved full-time to Calabash NC. I love animals, reading, camping, hiking, and to go on cruises.

How did you find N2N & Why did you become an N2N Volunteer?

Angela Barwick attended a church event that my sister also attended. My sister shared with me the information that Angela had provided on N2N SCP. Since I retired 4 years ago, I have been looking for volunteer opportunities. I have tried animal rescues/shelters and senior centers and either my calls or inquiries were not returned, or if I was enrolled as a volunteer the organization sporadically reached out to me and at times, I did not feel welcomed or utilized. From my first interaction with Angela, I knew that N2N was an organization whose mission I respected and that N2N really appreciated the volunteers. Since becoming a volunteer in August 2023 everyone I have met, the staff and other volunteers, has been supportive and welcoming. I already feel like a part of the N2N family.

Which program or programs do you participate in?

Currently I volunteer in the office and with pantry deliveries. I am also interested in the companionship program, but my travel and personal schedule may not allow for me to commit to weekly visits to see the client.

How has volunteering with N2N changed your life?

From what I have observed and learned about N2N I know this organization makes a big impact on the quality of life for their clients and I’m proud to say I’m a volunteer. I’m new to the organization however as I get to connect more with the clients, I am certain they will impact my life by giving me a sense of purpose, humility, community, and that I could make a positive difference in someone else’s life.