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Who is eligible to use Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N)?

For what types of rides can I use Neighbor to Neighbor?

How much is a ride from Neighbor to Neighbor?

If I call and schedule a ride, is my ride guaranteed?

May I donate to N2N to help ensure N2N will continue in our communities?

When are rides available?

How far will Neighbor to Neighbor go for a ride?

What information is needed before using N2N?

When can I schedule my first ride?

What if I need to cancel a scheduled trip?

Can a spouse, friend, or caregiver accompany me?

Where will I be picked up and dropped off?

How do I schedule a ride?

What if I am running late or want to make an unscheduled stop?

What happens if no driver is found?

Is there an excessive cancellation or no show policy?

What if I only need a one-way ride?

How are volunteer drivers chosen?

What is N2N’s inclement weather policy?

How will I be able to identify my N2N driver?

Are there any other policies I should know about?

How can I comment on my experience with N2N?