Two women greeting each other with a smile and a hug.
Two men working together to complete a puzzle.
Two men loading a box of pantry goods in the back of a car.
A woman handing off a box of pantry goods to another smiling woman.
A woman and two men exiting a building together.
A man helping a smiling woman out of a car.

Neighbor to Neighbor

Making Seniors’ Day Every Day

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Neighbor to Neighbor has been making a difference in the lives of seniors in the Carolinas since 2005. By matching volunteer drivers with older adults who are unable to drive, N2N ensures that not only are our neighbors’ most critical needs met, but that their lives remain full of enriching activities and meaningful connections.

Spotlight Corner

Linda McCann

Linda McCann

 • Client

Linda and her companion dog Coal have been receiving rides and companionship from her regular volunteer John Allen Jr. for several years.

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